Friday, October 1, 2010

Welcome to Howard Yezerski Gallery Blog!

Welcome to Howard Yezerski Gallery Blog!

In our efforts to bring ourselves into the 21st century, Howard Yezerski Gallery has decided to start blogging! We'll be updating several times a week with a new artist and new art work each time. We want our readers to stay informed about the fantastic group of artists that we represent as well as news about events at Howard Yezerski Gallery and around Boston.

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Tonight at 460 Harrison Ave its First Friday with South End Open Studios. All the galleries and studios on Thayer Street will be open until 8pm. Currently at on view through October 12th at Howard Yezerski Gallery is Yana Payusova: Kunstkamera, come in and check it out!

Kunstkamera is a Cabinet of Curiosities museum in St. Petersburg, Russia. Cabinets of Curiosities were collections of objects whose categorical boundaries were yet to be defined. They were used as a way to preserve natural and human curiosities and rarities.  The Kunstkammer was regarded as a microcosm, a memory theater.  In the exhibition, Yana Payusova draws from her own cultural "memory theater" in creating works which give insight into her formative upbringing in the USSR.

Both playful and macabre, the paintings become complex overlapping visual narratives, embedded with symbolic elements. Interested in the cataloguing effect of human memory, and the way in which the mind alters and transforms remembered events, Payusova creates a series that visually combines time, space, memory and imagination in an attempt to recreate the sensations and observations that have shaped both her past and present. 

The artist acts as the curator of her memories: “observing and studying people and personalities… keeping mental notes and drawing sketches. Watching people’s body language and gestures”.
In the paintings these memories are brought back to life to play out “various scenarios, following their own internal logic and desires”.

Yana Payusova was born in 1979 in Leningrad, USSR. Classically trained as a painter at the St. Petersburg Fine Art Lyce√©, she later immigrated to the US.   She received her MFA from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2006. Payusova exhibits both nationally and internationally, including recent venues at Galerie Caprice Horn (Berlin, Germany), DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park, Mimi Ferzt Gallery (New York, NY) and the International Center of Bethlehem (Bethlehem, Palestine). 

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