Thursday, February 3, 2011

Artist News from HYG

While we brave the icy tundra that is the city of Boston, HYG artists are staying busy! We are still showing Denise Marika's video installations: Effaced 1 and Conversations through next Tuesday, February 8th. In the news this week we have Chris Killip, who had a show before the holidays here at HYG. A new book featuring Killip's work to be published by Steidl, will be coming out in late March.  The book, titled SEACOAL, will feature 118 photographs and text by Killip. SEACOAL will accompany an exhibition of Killip's work at the Museum of Photography in Braunschweig, Germany, which opens March 31.  The exhibition will feature Killips work from his time in Northern England in the late 1970s to 1980s, many of the same pieces that were shown at HYG in Nov/Dec.

Jowhara AlSaud, Airmail, 2009
Last Thursday "iImage - The Uncommon Portrait" opened at the Portsmouth Museum of Art in Portsmouth, NH, featuring work by Jowhara AlSaud. "This 21st-century look at what is often considered a traditional artform, explores constantly evolving ideas of self, unexpected interpretations of the notion of portrait, unusual materials and techniques including the use of technology. From artwork created using digital media to interactive video installations and sculpture, iImage re-imagines the portrait." Seven pieces of AlSaud's are on display as a part of the exhibition.

Oscar Palacio, From the series History Revisited.
Oscar Palacio's work will be in an exhibition at the George Eastman House in Rochester, NY opening February 12th entitled, "Still Here: Contemporary Artists and the Civil War." The exhibition traces the history of the Civil War to the present, presenting reenactments and Civil War sites in ways that were not possible in the 1860s. With the rare glimpse into history that these extraordinary photographs provide, there is something for the young historian and Civil War enthusiast alike.

Opening February 18th at the Yale University Art Gallery is "Embodied: Black Identities in American Art from the Yale University Art Gallery," which will feature works by Dawoud Bey and will be on view until June 26th. Bey's work is also on view at the Studio Museum in Harlem (through March 13), the NIU Art Museum (through March 11), the Grand Rapids Art Museum (through March 20), and the Museum of Art at Marquette University (through May 22).

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