Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Artist News

Our last post was too long ago! But here is the latest news on what HYG artists have been up to if you haven't been following our twitter: @howardyezerski or following us on Facebook: Howard Yezerski Gallery.

Emily Eveleth's is currently in a show at the Sheldon Museum of Art at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln Campus. Poetical Fire: Three Centuries in the Lives of Still Lifes runs through May 7th and features work by Eveleth and many important artists of the genre.

Susan Jane Belton, 2011
Susan Jane Belton, who's coffee cup paintings were on view in the gallery back in December is having a show next month at George Billis Gallery in Manhattan. Belton will be showing new work, that combines the oil on panel single coffee cups with her mylar drawings of multiple coffee cups.  

Amanda Means, Light Bulb 012 RVo, 2007
Neeta Madahar is part of an exhibition at the Oakville Galleries in Ontario, Canada called The Birds and the Bees on view now through June 5. The Birds and the Bees "explores the various ways avian and apian characteristics are now being employed outside of the well-worn metaphor of reproduction...contemporary artists are looking to the birds and the bees to explore ideas as diverse as architecture, migration, ecology and home." 

Three HYG artists will be featured at an upcoming show here in Boston at Panopticon Gallery called Instant Connections. Bill Burke, Amanda Means and John O'Reilly are all participating in this polaroid themed group exhibition which opens March 31 and runs through May 2. The show is co-curated by Jim Fitts, the former director of the Photographic Resource Center. 

John O'Reilly, Wrestlers 9-15-08
John O'Reilly is also having an upcoming solo show at Hosfelt Gallery in San Francisco. The show, Montages from 2008-2011, opens in April and runs through mid-May and features work from several of O'Reilly's series including the Dogtown-Hartley Series, the Wrestlers Series and various other work. 

Rhona Bitner also has a solo show opening at Blondeau Fine Art Services in Geneva, Switzerland.  If you happen to be in the area the show opens March 17 and will be up until April 30th.

Just today we received three new wood constructions by artist James Tellin! Two chairs and a foot stool, decorated with his inspired landscape colorations. Check our website for pictures of the new work!

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