Thursday, August 18, 2011

New York Times Magazine Photo Book

Gary Schneider, Carly, 2006, 30 x 32", pigmented ink on canvas

Aperture is pleased to present the upcoming publication The New York Times Magazine Photographs, edited by Kathy Ryan, which reflects upon and interrogates the very nature of both photography and print magazines at this pivotal moment in their history and evolution. This volume presents some of the finest commissioned photographs worldwide from the past thirty years, featuring work by Gary Schneider among other internationally renowned photographers. With a preface by former editorial director Gerald Marzorati, this volume presents some of the finest commissioned photographs worldwide in various sections, including reportage, portraiture, style, and conceptual photography, and photo illustration. Diverse in content and sensibility, and consistent in virtuosity, the photographs are accompanied by reproduced tear sheets to allow for the examination of sequencing and the interplay between text and image, simultaneously presenting the work while illuminating its distillation to magazine form. This process is explored further through texts offering behind-the-scenes perspective and anecdotes by the many photographers, writers, editors, and other collaborators whose voices have been a part of the magazine over the years.

Kathy Ryan contributes an insightful essay that provides an in-depth history of the magazine’s relationship to photography, contextualizing its contributions within the larger world of magazine work. Also addressed are issues of documentary photography in relation to more conceptual photography; the efficacy of story-telling; and what makes an image evidentiary, objective, subjective, truthful, or a tool for advocacy; as well as thoughts on whether these matters are currently moot, or more critical than ever. As such, The New York Times Magazine Photographs aims to serve as a springboard for a rigorous, necessary, and revitalized examination of photography as presented within a modern journalistic context.

Be sure to check out the traveling show accompanying the publication. 

Our very own Gary Schneider will be featured in the publication for his work on the article Fat Factors, which was published August 13, 2006. The image above was featured on the  cover of the New York Times Magazine.

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